At Steelcube Engineering, we bring your structural steel projects to life with precision and expertise.

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Our team applies its wide ranging in experience to determining.

Structural Connections

Column Splice Designs

Beam-Beam Connections

Beam-Column Connection

Meeting Industry Standards for Steel Design

At Steelcube Engineering, we provide expert structural steel connection design services for fabricators and builders. Our seasoned team of in-house structural engineers specializes in connection design for both industrial and commercial structures.

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Key Services for Connection Design

Our key services for structural steel connection design include structural connection drawings, analysis, and designs to meet industry standards such as ASD, LRFD etc. Our experienced team also provides detailed calculations with complete reports.

  • Expert Structural Steel Connection Design Services
  • Innovating for Better Work Processes and Deliverables
  • Supporting tables, connection sketches, and calculation reports

Customized Solutions for your projects

We have a dedicated team to replicate the client’s environment. Our Project-Specific Engagement works as per predefined scope, schedules, terms & price. Our Time & Material model is best suited for uncertain scope and volume, repetitive work.

Stamped Calculations for Connections

Stamped Calculations for Connections

Special Connections to Meet Requirements

Special Connections to Meet Requirements

Any project on your mind. Let us know.

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